About Prima (Head Director)

Jytavia Broome, or Coach Prima . Born and raised in Charlotte, NC on April 6, 1992. What is Prima? The nickname originated in 2009 and stuck since then. Prima (Prima Donna) is solely a representation of who Coach Prima is as an individual. The most significant meanings of the name is what ties to the development of Prima's Pink Dance Studio. As Pink Diamonds we are rare, and may be seen as challenging, yet we are striving to be great. Knowing that there is always something out there that is "better" in life. We are seeking to be a better version of ourselves. Prima is a strong leader with very high confidence, and whom is sassy, fierce, dominating, and passionate. She is not scared to let it show ! Prima works hard for family and will not stop. That is who she is and wants the studio as a whole to represent. 

Coach Prima has over 10+ years of experience dancing. Starting in 2009 for the West Charlotte Marching Band, as a West Charlotte Sophisticat dancer. Attended North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NCA&T) in 2010 and joined Egwynn African Dance Company while taking classes as such as : Modern, Theater, African Dance, Ballet, and Dance Appreciation. Going forward she joined Aggie Pizzazz Team for the basketball season at NCA&T, Aggie Cheerleading, Verge Modeling Troupe, and many other student activities. Post graduation Coach Prima has participated in basketball and football semi-professional dance teams including Charlotte Elite: Synergy Dance Team. In addition taking advantage of professional dance opportunities in the community.  

Coach Prima officially started coaching in 2015 for Phillip O. Berry High School Marching Bands Dance Team and continued further. After the first season she wanted to pursue more opportunities as a majorette dance coach and assisted DRC Diamonds with the development of their first dance team and also Harding High School Dance Team. Not only have Coach Prima taught dance, but also is certified to teach middle and high school students (any subject). One major accomplishment was her study in Kingston, Jamaica, teaching young children how to read. Gathering all of the knowledge as an educator with thanks to the most high and those who assisted,  she decided to open up her own. With nothing but faith in God and an eye on a goal. Royal Pink Diamonds team started January 2017 and Prima's Pink Studio opened in September 2017. 

Throughout this journey Prima wants everyone to know that anything is possible if you put  your mind to it. The only way to really know is to watch it all unfold with us. Join our family, thank you all ! 

© 2017 by Prima