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Prima's Pink Dance Studio Requirements

All members of Prima's Pink Dance Studio LLC are considered Royal Pink Diamonds . When dancers are ready to step up to battle/compete on an all-star level, they are developing into Competition Squad MembersPrima's Pink Dance Studio LLC members are required to pay for services before attending class. They are also required to sign liability forms before participating. All performing teams are required to purchase performance dance wear and/or props for all events and practices. All members practice dance wear is a blank, black tank top with black ankle tights unless further discussed. A cost sheet will be distributed for all cost relating to customized orders with the Pink Dance Studio logo  attached. The great thing about this dance wear is that it is universal for all classes! We engage in fundraisers for extra materials.


Furthermore, all team members are required to attend a certain amount of practices each week. Please understand the commitments before accepting a position. We go hard all year round ! All members will have the opportunity to perform. If you do not see the benefits from the products/services that we have to offer please contact someone a part of the staff immediately and your concerns will be addressed. Get trained by some of the best instructor(s) in the business!!!!


*There IS an audition/analyzing process to be a member of the Competitive Squad (ages 7-18) *

Oh Pink Diamond of mine, how RARE to find !

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